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Hi I'm 48, married for 30 years to a awesome guy who puts up with me spending hours on end on my pc. I'm mum to 2 gorgeous girls and nana to 3 grandbabies I've been PSPing for about 6 years and I'm totally addicted...
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Monday, 22 October 2012

Freebie cluster - Blue Over You

Hi everyone....sorry for my prolonged absences... my internet
provider is giving me lots of issues....and I will be
a bit on and off until the 26th.... grrrr!!!!

Anyways... I have a new freebie from you today
This comes from Nicky Inzpired's new PTU scrap kit
called Blue Over You
And was made to match Jose Cano's fabulous new tube
You can find the links to all Nicky's fabby kits

You can download this freebie HERE


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

PTU tutorial - Witchy Woman

This tutorial is from my own imagination
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

This tutorial was written by Julie Kirkman ......9th October 2012

I'm using Corel X14
This tutorial is for those who have a good working knowledge of PSP

Tube of choice - I'm using the amazing art of Arthur Crowe which you can find  HERE
and PTU Scrap kit by Nicky called Witchy Woman HERE
Font - I'm using Antlers which you can find at Dafont HERE

Plug In's used 
Xero - Radiance
I'm gonna used a couple of abbreviations (save repeat myself lol)
C & P - copy & paste


Here we go:-------->

Open your supplies
File - Image - canvas size 900 x 900 pixels (I like a large canvas to work on, we'll resize later)
Flood fill with white and rename background layer
Open Frame 3 from the kit 
and C & P as a new layer 
Then C& P your tube of choice
If your using the same as me I resized by 75%
and place to the right of your frame
Back to your frame layer now
Take your freehand tool (lasso) set on point to point and carefully 
draw around your frame once you have the ants dancing
click on you background layer, create a new raster layer
and C & P into selection a paper from your kit
I'm using Paper 6....Selections - Select None
Now we're going add a few elements to pretty up your tag
Place them over your frame layer but below your tube
Take Sparkle 1 and C& P as a new layer
Then the Chest and C & P as a new layer - resize by 85% and position to the left of your tag
Select bottle 4 from the kit and C & P as a new layer - resize 65% position this above the chest
Select Cat 2 from the kit and C & P as a new layer - resize 45% position this to the left 
Select Owl 2 from the kit and C & P as a new layer - resize 35% position on the lid of the chest
Select Frame 2 from the kit and C & P as a new layer - drag this layer to the bottom of your layer pallette
just above the background layer
C & P as a new layer Wordart 2 resizing by 45% (top layer)
Now highlight the tube layer and duplicate
Go to Adjust - Blur - Gauzzain blur - radius 3
then change the blend mode to screen opacity at 65
Back to your orginal tube layer
and drop shadow
Now drop shadow all other layers with the exception of Frame 2 & sparkle layers
I used
Delete your background layer
Merge all layers visable and crop
Image - resize - resize all layers to 700 pixels - ok
add your cr,  tagger info and name and saved as a PNG

Thanks for trying my tutorial
I would love to see what you create