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Sunday, 9 September 2012

FTU Tutorial - Toxic City

This tutorial is from my own imagination
Any similiarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

I'm using Corel X14

Tube of choice :- Beatrix by Tony Tzanoukakis HERE
Mask - Chas (from the heart) mask 3 HERE
Scrap kit Kittz Toxic City - HERE
Font - Cartographer HERE

No Plug In's used 

I'm gonna used a couple of abbreviations (save repeat myself lol)
C & P - copy & paste


Here we go:-------->

Place your tube, mask & font in PSP then

Open up a new canvas - File - New - New Image 900 x 900 pixels
and flood fill with white (I like a large canvas to work on, we'll resize later)
Create a new raster layer
Then using your dropper tool....choose a nice colour from your tube
I chose #a0171b and black #000000 create a gradient linear angle 136 repeats 5
Flood fill then go to Layers - new mask layer - and select Chas's mask from the drop down box
source luminence checked - in layer pallette - merge group
Then go to Image - resize - resize 85%
From Kittz's kit
C & P T-49 as a new layer
Take your magic wand and click inside the frame
Selections - Select - Expand by 8
C & P   TP-4 as a new layer
Selections - Select - Invert - delete - Select none
and drag your paper layer underneath the frame
Now take your tube of choice
I'm using Beatrix by Tony Tzanoukakis
C & P as a new layer and resize as desired
for Beatrix I did Image - Resize - 35% - smart size checked
C & P as a new layerT-44 from the kit
Image - Resize 70% and position at the bottom 
(see my tag for reference)
C & P as a new layer T-25 and resize by 50%
move to the right of your tag and drag down the layer pallette
above raster 1
duplicate then Image - Flip Horizontal/Mirror and position to the left
C & P as a new layer T-10
Image Resize 80% and drag down the layer pallette above raster 1 & position
C & P as a new layer T-32
Image - resize 65% then Image - free rotate right 16
Position down and to the right.... under your toxic wordart
duplicate and Image - Flip Horizontal/Mirror and position
C & P as a new layer T-31
Image - Resize 45% and position to the right and above your tube layer
Duplicate and position to the left
C & P as a new layer T-7
Image - Resize 85% and position at the bottom above the toxic word
C & P as a new layer T-20
Drop shadow all layers except your tube layer
Duplicate your tube layer - Adjust - Blur - Gaussian blur radius 3
change the blend mode to soft light
Back to your orginal tube layer and drop shadow
Delete raster 1
Merge all layers visable and crop
Image - resize - resize all layers to 700 pixels - ok
add your cr,  tagger info and name and saved as a PNG


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