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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wytches Night

This tutorial is from my own imagination
Any similiarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

I'm using Corel X14

Tube of choice :- Sexy Witch by Alehandra Vanhek available at PFD
PTU Scrap kit Wytches Brew by Kaci HERE
tagtemplate:- Millie's template 40 HERE
Mask:- Gem's mask 109 HERE

Font - Nightmare Hero HERE

Plug In's used - None
Drop Shadow unless otherwise stated
I'm gonna used a couple of abbreviations (save repeat myself lol)
C & P - copy & paste
S,SA,F,DF - Select, Select All, Float, De-Float

Here we go:-------->

Open up all your supplies in PSP
Duplicate your template and close out the orginal
Image - canvas size 900 x 900 pixels (I like a large canvas to work on, we'll resize later)
Now working up from layer 1 on your template
Highlight - take your magic wand and click on the circle - to get those little ants marching lol
now select a paper from the Kaci's kit, I used paper 11 then C&P as a new layer
Go to Selections - Invert - and click delete
Delete the orginal layer
Repeat this process for layers 2, 3 ,4, 5, 7
Using different papers from your kit....see my tag for reference
Highlight layer 6
Go to Adjust - Add noise 60% gaussian & monochrome checked
Repeat for layer 8
Delete layer 9
C & P your tube of choice
Resize and position as desired - see my tag for reference
duplicate - go to Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - radius 3 
then change the blend mode to screen
opacity down to 70
and drop shadow your orginal tube
Add various elements from the kit

I used :-
ele2 ... resize 50%
ele12... resize 65%
ele14... resize 75%
ele20... resize 60%
ele28... resize 45% and flip horizontal
ele38... resize 50%
ele39... resize 60%
ele40... resize 50%
ele42.... resize 65%
ele49... resize 80%
ele54... resize 80%
Drop shadow your stars & wordart layer
closed out your background layer
add a new raster layer and flood fill with a colour from your tag
Go to Layers - Mask Layer - and select your mask from the dropdown box
source luminence checked and apply - merge group 
then resize by 70% 
Merge all layers visable and crop
delete the background layer
Image - resize - resize all layers to 700 pixels - ok
add your cr,  tagger info and name and saved as a PNG

Phew!!! your done
I would love to see anything you create 


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